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Life Course Challenges Faced by Siblings of Individuals with Schizophrenia May Increase Risk for Depressive Symptoms


Barriers and errors in the implementation of community psychiatry in Slovenia


Evaluation of a primary care adult mental health service: Year 2


Improving blood and ECG monitoring among patients prescribed regular antipsychotic medications


Loneliness and the elderly: opportunities for health promotion


Patient’s weight 6 months after depression treatment is not affected by either clinical remission or enrolment in collaborative care management


Polypharmacy in the management of patients with schizophrenia on risperidone in a tertiary-care hospital in Malaysia


Sense of coherence in people with and without type 2 diabetes mellitus: an observational study from Greece


Use of standardised patients in the evaluation of a residency mood disorders curriculum: a brief report


Bodily distress syndrome (BDS): the evolution from medically unexplained symptoms (MUS)


Exploring core competencies for mental health and addictions work within a Family Health Team setting


‘I need help’: caregivers’ experiences of caring for their relatives with mental illness in Jamaica


Making sense of medically unexplained symptoms in general practice: a grounded theory study


Somatoform disorders among patients attending walk-in clinics in Trinidad: prevalence and association with depression and anxiety


Thought for the day: the philosophical challenge of medically unexplained syndromes


What do patients with medically unexplained physical symptoms (MUPS) think? A qualitative study


Dementia care in rural China


Bereavement in the elderly: the role of primary care


End-of-life care issues in advanced dementia


Improving quality of care: focus on liaison old age psychiatry


Mental health and wellbeing of older people: opportunities and challenges


Optimising primary care for people with dementia


Research in general practice: a survey of incentives and disincentives for research participation


Ten ways to improve the treatment of depression and anxiety in adults


A controlled trial of internet-based cognitive-behavioural therapy for panic disorder with face-to-face support from a general practitioner or email support from a psychologist


Addressing long-term physical healthcare needs in a forensic mental health inpatient population using the UK primary care Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF): an audit


Does perceived financial strain predict depression among young women? Longitudinal findings from the Southampton Women’s Survey


Integrating mental health into primary healthcare


Major depression and recent physical or sexual abuse increase readmissions among high-utilising primary care patients


Mental health education resources for Australia’s general practitioners


What is primary care mental health?


Cross-sectional survey of patients in receipt of long-term repeat prescriptions for antidepressant drugs in primary care


Depression case management by practice nurses in primary care: an audit


Mental health and primary health care


New standards of care for people with gender dysphoria


Patients’ experiences of receiving collaborative care for the treatment of depression in the UK: a qualitative investigation


Primary care mental health and Alma-Ata: from evidence to action


Rates of depression among men attending high-HIV-caseload general practices in Australia


Reporting distress and quality of life of patients with diabetes mellitus in primary and secondary care in Greece


Mental health education and resources for general practitioners in the UK


A smoking ban in psychiatric units: threat or opportunity?


‘It’s really a myriad of different signals, not just the textbook’: the complexities of diagnosing depression in gay men in general practice


Making fewer depression diagnoses: beneficial for patients?


No mental health without primary care


Somatisation and alexithymia in patients with high use of medical care and medically unexplained symptoms


Suicide and attempted suicide among South Asians in England: who is at risk?


Suicide prevention in Nepal: a comparison to Australia – a personal view


Variables associated with general practitioners taking on patients with common mental disorders


‘Well doctor, it is all about how life is lived’: cues as a tool in the medical consultation


World Federation for Mental Health: 2009 World Mental Health Day campaign highlights need for more attention to mental health services in primary health care


Mental health and primary care: family medicine has a role


Developments in primary mental health care in New Zealand


General practitioner attitudes towards referral of eating-disordered patients: a vignette study based on the theory of planned behaviour


Low-intensity workers: lessons learned from supervising primary care mental health workers and dilemmas associated with such roles


Primary care and dementia: time to act


Screening for suicidal thoughts in primary care: the views of patients and general practitioners


The introduction of a healthy reading scheme for people with mental health problems: usage and experiences of health professionals and library staff


The needs of primary care mental health service users: a Q-sort study


What should prompt an urgent referral to a community mental health team?


Depression recovery from the primary care patient’s perspective: ‘hear it in my voice and see it in my eyes’


Detecting mental disorders in primary care


Integration of child mental health services to primary care: challenges and opportunities


Mental health in primary care gap: now is the time to act


Navigating the mental health and addictions maze: a community-based pilot project of a new role in primary mental health care


‘The right to health’: a viewpoint


Managing depression in a changing primary mental healthcare system: comparison of two snapshots of Australian GPs' treatment and referral patterns


Managing schizophrenia in primary care: the utility of remission criteria as outcome indicators


Mental ability performance among adults with type 2 diabetes in primary care


Mental Health in Family Medicine comes of age


Recession, debt and mental health: challenges and solutions


Report: wonca working party on mental health


The family physician and the psychologist in the office together: a response to fragmentation


Mental health specialty care in the medical home


A qualitative study on adolescence, health and family


Balint groups as ‘shared care’ in the area of mental health in primary medicine


Comparative, clinical feasibility study of three tools for delivery of cognitive behavioural therapy for mild to moderate depression and anxiety provided on a self-help basis


Depression comorbidity among patients with tuberculosis in a university teaching hospital outpatient clinic in Nigeria


Effects of an educational outreach campaign (IMPACT) on depression management delivered to general practitioners in one primary care trust


Emotional distress: an alternative primary care perspective


Have Quality and Outcomes Framework Depression Indicators changed referrals from primary care to a dedicated memory clinic?


Acculturation, metaphor and mental health in primary care


Evolution of the prevalence and incidence of consumption of antidepressants in a Spanish region (2002–2007)


Feasibility of guided cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) self-help for childhood anxiety disorders in primary care


Integration of mental health into primary care and community health working in Kenya: context, rationale, coverage and sustainability


Mental health literacy towards depression among non-medical students at a Malaysian university


The meaning and the story: reflecting on a refugee’s experiences of mental health services in Australia


Understanding the expanding role of primary care physicians (PCPs) to primary psychiatric care physicians (PPCPs): enhancing the assessment and treatment of psychiatric conditions


Biofeedback in medicine: who, when, why and how?


Depression screening as a quality indicator


Physical healthcare of people with severe mental illness: everybody’s business!


Psychosocial stress and abdominal pain in adolescents


Quality of life in mothers of children with oppositional defiant symptoms: a community sample


Readability of standard appointment letters


Substance misuse and primary care mental health


The case for change: The Global Mental Health Action Plan 2013–2020


WPA Thematic Conference: Mental Health and Family Medicine Professionals: Working Together, 9–11 February 2012, Granada


Correlation between mental health comorbidity screening scores and clinical response in collaborative care treatment for depression


Depression and subjective quality of life among outpatients with diabetes mellitus at a teaching hospital in Nigeria


Factors associated with adolescents’ smoking experience and staying tobacco free


Family perceptions of post-deployment healthcare needs of Iraq/Afghanistan military personnel


Mental health and chronic physical illnesses: the need for continued and integrated care – World Mental Health Day 2010


Patient characteristics that may predict the likelihood of the presence of mental health problems in patients attending the general outpatient clinic of a tertiary hospital in South-South Nigeria


Self-efficacy and the promotion of health for depressed single mothers


Coping style in primary care adult patients with abridged somatoform disorders


Democratising and vitalising family practice by patient-centred medicine


Explanatory models of medically unexplained symptoms: a qualitative analysis of the literature


Medically unexplained symptoms in primary care: how can doctors help, not hinder?


Not yet explained symptoms


Perinatal depression: implications for child mental health


Post-partum depression: a comprehensive approach to evaluation and treatment


The treatment of patients with medically unexplained symptoms in primary care: a review of the literature


What lies beyond the pain? A case report


Compiling a register of patients with moderate or severe learning disabilities: experience at one United Kingdom general practice


Detecting psychogeriatric problems in primary care: factors related to psychiatric symptoms in older community patients


Does religious affiliation influence glycaemic control in primary care patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus?


Interventions during pregnancy to lower the chances of postnatal depression among women from the Asian subcontinent


Suicide index reduction in Slovenia: the impact of primary care provision


Traditional mental health training’s effect on primary care physicians in Saudi Arabia


Health system challenges and solutions to improving mental health outcomes


How can mental health be integrated into health system strengthening?


International and national policy challenges in mental health


Mental health and the global agenda: core conceptual issues


Scaling up mental health services: where would the money come from?


Social, economic, human rights and political challenges to global mental health


What action can national and international agencies take?


Attention-deficit hyperactive disorder presenting with school truancy in an adolescent: a case report


Behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia in primary care: a survey of general practitioners in Ireland


Factors associated with antidepressant medication adherence and adherenceenhancement programmes: a systematic literature review


Hypertension associated with neurocognitive performance among persons with type 2 diabetes: a brief report


Medical student perceptions of a behavioural and social science curriculum


Prevalence of depression in tuberculosis patients in comparison with non-tuberculosis family contacts visiting the DOTS clinic in a Nigerian tertiary care hospital and its correlation with disease pattern


Integration of mental health into primary care in Sri Lanka


Investigating mental health risk assessment in primary care and the potential role of a structured decision support tool, GRiST


Mental health in primary care for adolescent parents


Monitoring and evaluation of the activities of trainees in the ‘training of trainers’ workshop at Ibadan, south-west Nigeria


Postpartum depressive symptoms: the B-vitamin link


Refugees’ perspectives on barriers to communication about trauma histories in primary care


Depression remission after six months of collaborative care management: role of initial severity of depression in outcome


Evaluation of collaborative models of care in the management of patients with depression: protocol and progress


Longitudinal association of intimate partner violence and depressive symptoms


Standardised measures of needs, stigma and informal care in schizophrenia using a bottom-up, cross-cultural approach


Collaboration between general practitioners (GPs) and mental healthcare professionals within the context of reforms in Quebec


Communication and mental health in general practice: physicians’ self-perceived learning needs and self-efficacy


Investigating the use of NICE guidelines and IAPT services in the treatment of depression


Kabuki syndrome: diagnostic and treatment considerations


Predictors of metabolic parameter monitoring in adolescents on antipsychotics in a primary care setting


Primary healthcare practitioners’ screening practices and attitudes towards women survivors of child abuse


Psychiatric distress among spouses of National Guard soldiers prior to combat deployment


A feasibility study of a telephone-supported self-care intervention for depression among adults with a comorbid chronic physical illness in primary care


Attitudes and sexual behaviours of unmarried people with HIV/AIDS living in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria


Does consanguinity increase the risk of schizophrenia? Study based on primary health care centre visits


Factors associated with maternal depressive symptoms among lowincome, African American smokers enrolled in a secondhand smoke reduction programme


Mental and physical health parity: not a luxury but a necessity


Supportive family relationships and adolescent health in the socio-cultural context of Iran: a qualitative study


The Northampton Physical Health and Wellbeing Project: the views of patients with severe mental illness about their physical health check


Training teachers to teach mental health skills to staff in primary care settings in a vast, under-populated area


Vitamin D and the perinatal period in women suffering from schizophrenia