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Learning to connect: a feasibility study of a mindfulness and compassion training for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder

Author(s): Samuel Fernandez-Carriba, Marian González-García, Jessica Bradshaw, Scott Gillespie, Jenna L. Mendelson, Celine Saulnier, Ami Klin, Lobsang T. Negi, James Herndon

Prevalence of depression, psychological distress and burnout syndrome in primary caregivers for patients with chronic kidney disease under substitutive therapy in Mexico

Author(s): Cantú Quintanilla Guillermo, Gómez Guerrero Irma, Hernández Martínez Sofía, Gutiérrez Almaraz Anabel, Silva-García Carlos Giovanni, Valdez-Ortiz Rafael

Let’s relax! an immersion virtual reality relaxation intervention for quality of life improvement of cancer patients

Author(s): Sant Chawla, Bryan Li, Seiya Liu, Erlinda Gordon, Seniha Ipekci, Seiji Liu, Mika Liu, Stephen Liu

Tuberous sclerosis epilepsy and psychosis by adults

Author(s): Andrej N. Ilanković, Nikola N. Ilanković

Living kidney transplantation: preoperative assessment in the donor and recipient

Author(s): Galletta D, Lauria I, Confuorto M, Mastrola AM, Suarato V, Micanti F

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