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Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for Children in Medical Settings

Author(s): Kristine Durkin, Robin C. Han, Cheryl B. McNeil

Mobile and web-based application to get solutions from drug addiction- Telepsychiatry perspective

Author(s): Atiqul Haq Mazumder, Molly Afroz Rushd, Mubashshira Tasnim Mahmud, Abhishek Sharma, Artem Zhyvolozhnyi, Anatoliy Samoylenko, Genevieve Bart, Marko Huttula, Hatsumi Yoshii, Juha Veijola, Seppo Vainio

The Use of Body Worn Video Cameras on Mental Health Wards: Results and Implications from a Pilot Study

Author(s): Tom Ellis, Darren L. Shurmer, Sarah Badham-May, Colm Ellis-Nee

Video Impact on Medical Students Communicating with Psychologically Distressed Patients

Author(s): Basem Saab, Reina Alameddine, Nisrine N Makarem, Salim Adib, Carla Stephan, Umayya Musharrafieh

Learning to connect: a feasibility study of a mindfulness and compassion training for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder

Author(s): Samuel Fernandez-Carriba, Marian González-García, Jessica Bradshaw, Scott Gillespie, Jenna L. Mendelson, Celine Saulnier, Ami Klin, Lobsang T. Negi, James Herndon

Living kidney transplantation: preoperative assessment in the donor and recipient

Author(s): Galletta D, Lauria I, Confuorto M, Mastrola AM, Suarato V, Micanti F

Prevalence of depression, psychological distress and burnout syndrome in primary caregivers for patients with chronic kidney disease under substitutive therapy in Mexico

Author(s): Cantú Quintanilla Guillermo, Gómez Guerrero Irma, Hernández Martínez Sofía, Gutiérrez Almaraz Anabel, Silva-García Carlos Giovanni, Valdez-Ortiz Rafael

The effects of virtual reality on mental wellness: A literature review

Author(s): Kayla Roche, Stephen Liu, Steven Siegel

Tuberous sclerosis epilepsy and psychosis by adults

Author(s): Andrej N. Ilanković, Nikola N. Ilanković

Effects of a memory structuring plus vagal breathing intervention on acute stress reactions: Three controlled trials

Author(s): Yori Gidron, Moshe Farchi, Eisenman Arie, Amar Husien, Kinge Berends, Ives Hubloue

Influence of demographic variables on mentallyill patients’ satisfaction at two different treatment centres in akwa ibom state, nigeria

Author(s): Abasiubong F, Jombo HE, Morgan U, Udoh SB

Is health status related to healthcare access in diabetic females age 45-79?

Author(s): Michelle T Huang, Amy R Allen, Lindsey M Graff, Molly C Berrier, Jessica L Hartos

Is weight status related to current mental health in young adult females in the general population?

Author(s): Alexandra M Enzor, Amelia G Etzel, Emily A Lau, Gloria B Vertin, Jessica L Hartos

Love’s last gift- a journey through bereavement

Author(s): Patricia McWalter

Parental Alienation (Syndrome)-A serious form of psychological child abuse

Author(s): Wilfrid von Boch-Galhau

Psychometric properties and validation of the index of Emotional Regulation in Children and Adolescents (ERICA) in mexican schoolchildren

Author(s): Karen Islet Luna Sánchez, Ana Carolina Rodríguez-Machain, Silvia Ortiz León, Aurora Jaimes Medrano, Hector Eduardo Pimental Bolaños, Violeta Arellano Muñóz, Miguel Herrera-Estrella

Relations between diabetes status, comorbid conditions, and current mental health in older adult females

Author(s): Julia M Forsberg, Amanda M Flores, Abigail A Plec, Savannah K Vincent, Jessica L Hartos

Safety of Disclosing Amyloid Imaging Results to MCI and AD Patients

Author(s): Carl Taswell, Cheryl Donohue, Andrea G. Louey, Andrea G. Louey, Jacqueline Giummarra, Joanne Robertson, David G. Darby, Colin L. Masters, Christopher C. Rowe

Anger, Forgiveness, And Depression in the Postnatal Experience

Author(s): Ascenzo N, Collard JJ

Clinical Profiles of Survivors of Childhood Trauma and Neglect: Personality or Trauma Oriented?

Author(s): Marleen Wildschut, Sanne Swart, Willemien Langeland, Jan H. Smit, Nel Draijer

Grandmothers’ Grief after the Loss of a Grandchild

Author(s): Anna Liisa Aho, Merita Inki, Marja Kaunonen

Mental Health in a Nutshell

Author(s): Jill Benson AM, Nyoli Valentine, Henk Parmentier

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Psychiatry Disorders

Author(s): Salim R Surani, Wendy Garcia, Sara Surani, Joseph Varon, MD, FACP, FCCP, FCCM, FRSM

Promoting healthier outcomes of cannabis use through considering risk factors for use and evaluating behaviour change programs: a literature review

Author(s): Dor David (Dory) Abelman

Relationships between Self-Esteem and Posttraumatic Growth among Adolescents in the U.S.

Author(s): Kanako Taku, Maggie Britton

The Performance of Florida Medicaid Health Plans on Follow-Up After Hospitalization for Mental Illness in 2014

Author(s): Matlin Gilman, Edmund R. Becker, Marie McPherson, Beom Lee, Sabrina Singh

The power of musical learning: A pilot study of whether private music lessons can decrease parental stress and disruptive behavior in children

Author(s): Fadlullah Ba’th, Matthew Mychailyszyn

15-year Follow-up of Abused Children Admitted in a Child Welfare Center, Western France

Author(s): TANGUY Maurice, ROUSSEAU Daniel, ROZE Mireille, DUVERGER Philippe, NGUYEN Sylvie, FANELLO Serge

An Update on Biomarkers in Psychiatric Disorders - Are we aware, Do we use in our clinical practice?

Author(s): Hema Venigalla, Hema Madhuri Mekala, Mudasar Hassan, Rizwan Ahmed, Hira Zain, Sabrina Dar, Sheryl S. Veliz

A Review of Mental Health Challenges and Issues Facing College Enrolled OIF and OEF Veterans One Decade Later

Author(s): Kristi L. Kanel

Central Human Functional Capabilities of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Qualitative Research

Author(s): Seyedeh Tahmineh Mousavi

Could a Sudden Change in a Child's Behavior be Brought on by Something as Common as Strep Throat? | Many Experts & Distraught Parents Agree!

Author(s): Jodie A. Dashore

Emerging Risks of New Types of Drug Addiction in Japan

Author(s): Shunichiro Ikeda, Yasushi Nakamori, Leonides Canuet, Ryouhei Ishii, Takeshi Kitamoto, Daiki Wada, Masatoshi Kyo, Tatsuya Matsuda, Toshihiko Kinoshita

LGBT Teens and Bullying: What every Social Worker Should Know

Author(s): N.L. Beckerman

Poverty and suicide in Transkei region of South Africa

Author(s): BL Meel

Suicidal Ideation and Treatment Options

Author(s): Julianna Moore

Comprehensive Care: A Daily Challenge for Family Physicians

Author(s): Hector Riquelme-Heras, Raul Fernando Gutierrez-Herrera, Celina Gomez-Gomez, Fabiola Barron-Garza, Irasema Sierra-Ayala, Felix Martinez-Lazcano

Effectiveness of Prenatal Screening for Substance Use: Critical Consciousness, A Promising Curriculum for Compassionate Screening

Author(s): Nooshin Nikoo, Mohammadali Nikoo, Michael Song, Adrienne Wesnel, Ali Pervaiz, Marc Vogel, Michael Krausz

Efficacy of GLOW? on Alleviating Symptoms of Inattention, Hyperactivity/Impulsivity, Depression and Sexual Dysfunction; A Preliminary Study

Author(s): Marietta Castellanos

Emotional Core Thera-An Exciting New Psychology Approach

Author(s): Robert A. Moylan

Guess Who? How Doctors? Attire Affects Students? Perceptions of their Speciality

Author(s): Golnar Aref-Adib, Shivanthi Sathanandan, Joseph Hayes, Esha Abrol, Polly Duncan, Nomi Werboloff, David Osborn

Regaining Some Good in the World: What Matters to Persons Diagnosed as Depressed in Primary Care

Author(s): Miraj U. Desai, Frederick J. Wertz, Larry Davidson, Alison Karasz

Schizophrenic Patients' Poor Perception in Personal Hygiene

Author(s): Yun-Ching Hsu, Wei-Qian Lin, Hsien-Wen Kuo

Supporting the Spiritual Care of Patients and Healers

Author(s): Kimberly Schiel Zoberi

The Feasibility of Using Body Worn Cameras in an Inpatient Mental Health Setting

Author(s): Hardy S, Bennett L, Rosen P, Carroll S, White P, Palmer-Hill S

Letter to the Editor

Author(s): Paul T E Cusack

Qualitative Study of Resilience of Family Caregivers for Patients with Schizophrenia in Japan

Author(s): Manami Amagai, Makiko Takahashi, Fumiki Amagai

The Psychology and Pharmacoepidemiology of Deaths and Homicide in Jamaica: An Empirical Assessment

Author(s): Paul Andrew Bourne, Angela Hudson-Davis, Charlene Sharpe, Vincent Peterkin, Marsha Pabarue

Transgenerational Impairments of Non-Realized Sorrow in Family Psychotherapy

Author(s): Mariagrazia Carone

A Chart Review Comparison of Rates of Abnormal Vitamin D Results in New Zealand and United States Mental Health Samples

Author(s): David Kopacz,Mary Pat Traxler,Shamshad Karatela

Body-build and Schizophrenia: A Clinical Context

Author(s): Elena Kornetova,Arkadiy Semke,Alexander Kornetov,Nikolay Bokhan

Cognitive Function and School Achievement in Adolescent Egyptian Girls with Iron Deficiency and Iron Deficiency Anaemia

Author(s): Suzan O Mousa,Aliaa M Higazi,Salah M Saleh,Hasnaa A Ali

Cognitive Trajectories in High Premorbid Social Functioning Bipolar Patients

Author(s): Laura Bernabei,Enrico Pompili,Corinna Pancheri,Saverio Francesco Bersani,Amedeo Minichino,Alessandra Corrado,Francesco De Michele,Francesco Macri,Massimo Biondi,Roberto Delle Chiaie

Diabetes, Depression and Nonadherence: Exploring Hopelessness as a Meditating Factor: A Preliminary Study

Author(s): Maria Helen Anastasiades,Olivia Anne Gupton,Yvonne Ann Fritz,Pablo Jose Calzada,Mark Anthony Stillman

Do they Improve Fibromyalgia Patients After Receiving Incapacity?

Author(s): Raul Ramos Jesus Regal

Emotional Experience, Presence and Severity of Insomnia and Depressive Symptoms: An Ecological Study of their Effects on Sleep Quality

Author(s): Silvia Cerolini,Andrea Ballesio,Caterina Lombardo

Mental Illness in the Context of Witchcraft and Bewitching. A South African Perspective: Voices from Communities

Author(s): Duduzile Sokhela

Relationship between Panic Disorder, Chest Pain and Coronary Artery Disease

Author(s): Sergio Machado

The Predictive Models of Quality of Life for Individuals with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus ? The Application of the Path Analysis

Author(s): Chao-Yi Wu,Ay-Woan Pan,Ping-Ning Hsu,LyInn Chung,Tsyr-Jang Chen

Twelve Steps to Consider in Bringing Family Medicine and Primary Care Back to Their Earlier Promises

Author(s): Alan S. Wolkenstein

Whole Health for the Health of the Whole System

Author(s): David R. Kopacz,Nicola De Paul,Craig Santerre,Jenny Salmon

Are Substance Use and Mental Illness Associated to an Earlier Onset of Homelessness?

Author(s): Luca Cambioli,Angelo maremmani,Silvia bacciardi,Sindi addorisio,Nicole gehring,Julian somers,Jim frankish,Marc voge,Kerry jang,Michael Krausz

Assessment of Depression and Disability in Lung Cancer Patients in a Nigerian De-Addiction Unit

Author(s): Lasebikan Victor Olufolahan,Ola Bolanle Adeyemi

Brain Disorders: Correlation between Cognitive Impairment and Complex Combination

Author(s): Faustin Armel Etindele Sosso,Sana Raouafi

Ethical Dilemmas, Needs and Unmet Needs in European Psychiatry ? A Survey Made by the European Psychiatric Association (EPA)

Author(s): Rutz Wolfgang,Kastrup Marianne

Healthy Restrained Eaters Diminish Consummatory Food Reward and Inhibit Prepotent Feeding Responses: An EEG Study

Author(s): David John Hume,Fleur Margaret Howells,HG Laurie Rauch,Jacolene Krof,Estelle Victoria Lambert

Hyperhomocysteinemia, Cognitive Deficits, and Delayed P300 Latencies in Malnourished Children from Northern India

Author(s): Rinki Kumari ,Aruna Agrawal PhD,Shivapriya Shivakumar MSc,Praveen K Singh PhD,Gur P I Singh MD, PhD,Govind P Dubey PhD

Implementation of the Consultation-liaison Model in Quebec and its Impact on Primary Care Providers

Author(s): Marie-Josee Fleury,Guy Grenier ,David Robitaille

Schizophrenia during Menopausal Transition

Author(s): Elizabeth A Crow,Suzanne Jasberg

Stranger Anxiety: When Children Face Strangers

Author(s): Ronnie Solan

The Impact of Men?s Detention on the Psychological Wellbeing of Palestinian Women

Author(s): Amer Shehadeh,Gerrit Loots,Johan Vanderfaeillie,Ilse Derluyn

The Need for Health Policy Instruction in Medical Education

Author(s): Brian J Shiozawa

The Role of the Medical Health Humanities in the Study of Mental Health in Family Medicine

Author(s): David John Hume,Brian Michael Muller

Can Behavioural Activation Be Used As An Alternative Treatment For Subthreshold Depression In Type 2 Diabetes?

Author(s): Sheila Hardy,Badriya Khalifa Al Shamari,Mariam Nooh Q.H. Al-Mutawa,Jesveena Mathias,David Ekers,Judith Gellatly,Natalie Figgins,Richard Gray

Cross Cultural Gender Differences in Social-emotional Competence of Young Children: Comparisons with Brazil, China, South Korea, and the United States

Author(s): Chieh-Yu Chen,Jane Squires,Kay H. HeoXiaoyan Bian,Ching-I Chen,Alberto Filgueiras,Huichao Xie,Kimberly Murphy,Jill Dolata,Jesus Landeira-Fernandez

Depression Risk and Cancer in Ecuador: The Protective Role of Social Support

Author(s): Paula Goldman,Erica Prochaska,Ignacio Stacey,Aimee Miller,Sofia Merajver,Jose Mosquera,Zongshan Lai,Michelle Grunauer,Melvin G McInnis

Health of Pregnant Women withSubstance-related Disorder, A NeglectedGlobal Health Issue RequiringCombined Maternity Care Units

Author(s): Nooshin Nikoo, Anastasia Frank, Mohammad Ali Nikoo, Kerry Jang, Ron Abrahams, Michael Krausz

How and Why is Autism Spectrum Disorder Misdiagnosed in Adult Patients? - From Diagnostic Problem to Management for Adjustment -

Author(s): Kiyoharu Takara,Tsuyoshi Kondo,Teizo Kuba

Migraine Cause And Treatment

Author(s): Angela A. Stanton

Patients Perspectives on Improvement of Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms: A Qualitative Analysis

Author(s): Nikki Claassen-van Dessel, Florian R. Velzeboer, Johannes C. van der Wouden, Carine den Boer, Joost Dekker, Henriette E. van der Horst

Treating Anxiety with either Beta Blockers or Antiemetic Antimuscarinic Drugs: A Review

Author(s): Thomas P. Dooley

What Is The Potential For Family Physicians To Coach Patients? Self-Care Of Depression: An Exploratory Study

Author(s): Mark J. Yaffe,Martin G. Cole,Jane McCusker,Tamara Sussman,Maida Sewitch,Deniz Sahin,Manon de Raad,Eric Belzile,

A primary mental health programme in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia, 2003-2013

Author(s): Dr Abdullah Dukhail Al-Khathami,Dr Latifa Saleh Al-Harbi,Dr Saleh Mohammed AlSalehi,Dr Khalid AbduRahman Al-Turki,Dr Mohammed Ali AlZahrani,Dr Nawaf Abdullah Alotaibi,Dr Mahdi S Abumadini

Bereavement in primary care mental health

Author(s): Bill Travers,Niloufer Ali,Lucja Kolkiewicz

Schizophrenia in primary care

Author(s): David Goldberg,Gabriel IvbijaroLucja Kolkiewicz,Sammy Ohene

Someone's got to do it? ? Primary care providers (PCPs) describe caring for rural women with mental health problems

Author(s): Maria C Colon-Gonzalez,Jennifer S McCall-Hosenfeld,Carol S Weisman,Marianne M Hillemeier,Amanda N Perry,Cynthia H Chuang

Bereavement in the elderly: the role of primary care

Author(s): Syahnaz Mohd Hashim,Tan Chai Eng,Noorlaili Tohit,Suzaily Wahab

Dementia care in rural China

Author(s): Shulin Chen,Lisa L Boyle,Yeates Conwell,Helen Chiu,Lydia Li,Shuiyuan Xiao

End-of-life care issues in advanced dementia

Author(s): CT Sudhir Kumar,Jacob Roy Kuriakose

Improving quality of care: focus on liaison old age psychiatry

Author(s): Vasco Nogueira,Luisa Lagarto,Joaquim Cerejeira,Susana Renca,Horacio Firmino

Mental health and wellbeing of older people: opportunities and challenges

Author(s): Carlos Augusto de Mendonca Lima,Gabriel Ivbijaro

Optimising primary care for people with dementia

Author(s): Chris Fox,Ian Maidment,Esme Moniz-Cook,Jacquie White,Jochen Rene Thyrian,John Young,Cornelius Katona,Carolyn A Chew-Graham

Research in general practice: a survey of incentives and disincentives for research participation

Author(s): Henry Brodaty,Louisa HR Gibson B Comm,Melissa L Waine B Comm,Allan M Shell,Ruth Lilian,Constance Dimity Pond

Ten ways to improve the treatment of depression and anxiety in adults

Author(s): Boadie W Dunlop,Kelly Scheinberg,Anne L Dunlop

A feasibility study of a telephone-supported self-care intervention for depression among adults with a comorbid chronic physical illness in primary care

Author(s): Jane McCusker,Martin Cole,Mark Yaffe,Tamara Sussman,Kim L Lavoie,Erin Strumpf,Maida Sewitch,Deniz Sahin,Manon de Raad

Attitudes and sexual behaviours of unmarried people with HIV/AIDS living in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria

Author(s): Festus Abasiubong,Sunday B Udoh,Alphonsus U Idung,Aniefiok J Umoiyoho

Does consanguinity increase the risk of schizophrenia? Study based on primary health care centre visits

Author(s): Abdulbari Bener,Elnour E Dafeeah,Nancy Samson

Factors associated with maternal depressive symptoms among lowincome, African American smokers enrolled in a secondhand smoke reduction programme

Author(s): M Shwarz,B N Collins,U S Nair

Mental and physical health parity: not a luxury but a necessity

Author(s): Gabriel Ivbijaro

Supportive family relationships and adolescent health in the socio-cultural context of Iran: a qualitative study

Author(s): Zohreh Shahhosseini,Masumeh Simbar,Ali Ramezankhani,Hamid Alavi Majd

The Northampton Physical Health and Wellbeing Project: the views of patients with severe mental illness about their physical health check

Author(s): Sheila Hardy,Katherine Deane,Richard Gray

Training teachers to teach mental health skills to staff in primary care settings in a vast, under-populated area

Author(s): D P Goldberg ,L Gask ,A Zakroyeva,E Proselkova,N Ryzhkova,P Williams

Vitamin D and the perinatal period in women suffering from schizophrenia

Author(s): Jelena Jankovic,Liz McDonald,Charlotte Johnston-Webber

Communication and mental health in general practice: physicians? self-perceived learning needs and self-efficacy

Author(s): Tonje L Stensrud,Trond A Mjaaland,Arnstein Finset

Investigating the use of NICE guidelines and IAPT services in the treatment of depression

Author(s): Alex Gyani,Neil Pumphrey,Hannah Parker,Roz Shafran,Suzanna Rose

Kabuki syndrome: diagnostic and treatment considerations

Author(s): Bethany D Kasdon,Judith E Fox

Predictors of metabolic parameter monitoring in adolescents on antipsychotics in a primary care setting

Author(s): Sameer R Ghate,Christina A Porucznik,Qayyim Said,Mia Hashibe,Elizabeth Joy,Diana I Brixner

Primary healthcare practitioners? screening practices and attitudes towards women survivors of child abuse

Author(s): Adeline Lee,Jan Coles,Stuart Lee,Jayashri Kulkarni

Psychiatric distress among spouses of National Guard soldiers prior to combat deployment

Author(s): Christopher R Erbes,Laura A Meis,Melissa A Polusny,Paul A Arbisi

The case for change: The Global Mental Health Action Plan 2013–2020

Author(s): Gabriel Ivbijaro

The feasibility and effectiveness of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for mixed diagnosis patients in primary care: a pilot study

Author(s): Sholto R Radford,Rebecca Susan Crane,Catrin Eames,Eluned Gold,Gareth Wyn Owens

‘Can he have the test for bipolar, doctor? His dad’s got it’: exploring the potential of general practitioners to work with children and young people presenting in primary care with common mental health problems – a clinical initiative

Author(s): Jane H Roberts, Paul M Bernard

Collaboration between general practitioners (GPs) and mental healthcare professionals within the context of reforms in Quebec

Author(s): Marie-Josee Fleury,Armelle Imboua,Denise Aube,Lambert Farand

Companion to Primary Care Mental Health: a global resource

Author(s): Gabriel Ivbijaro

Depression remission after six months of collaborative care management: role of initial severity of depression in outcome

Author(s): Kurt B Angstman,Pamela Pietruszewski,Norman H Rasmussen,John M Wilkinson,David J Katzelnick

Evaluation of collaborative models of care in the management of patients with depression: protocol and progress

Author(s): Hossein Haji Ali Afzali,Jonathan Karnon,Jodi Gray,Justin Beilby

Longitudinal association of intimate partner violence and depressive symptoms

Author(s): Cynthia H Chuang,Amanda L Cattoi,Jennifer S McCall-Hosenfeld,Fabian Camacho, Anne-Marie DyerCarol S Weisman

Standardised measures of needs, stigma and informal care in schizophrenia using a bottom-up, cross-cultural approach

Author(s): Francisco Torres-Gonzalez,Ariadne Runte-Geidel,Claudio Antonioli,Luciane C Wagner,Dinarte Ballester,Jose Miguel Caldas de Almeida,Emiliano Galende,Benjamin Vicente,Miguel Xavier,Manuel Gomez-Beneyto,Michael B King,Sandra M Saldivia

Impact of a one-week intensive training of trainers: workshop for community health workers in south-west Nigeria

Author(s): Victor Makanjuola,Victor Doku,Rachel Jenkins,Oye Gureje

Integration of mental health into primary care in Sri Lanka

Author(s): Rachel Jenkins,Jayan Mendis,Sherva Cooray,Marius Cooray

Investigating mental health risk assessment in primary care and the potential role of a structured decision support tool, GRiST

Author(s): Laura Vail,Ann Adams,Eleanor Gilbert,Alice Nettleingham,Christopher D Buckingham

Mental health in primary care for adolescent parents

Author(s): Dayna LePlatte,Katherine Lisa Rosenblum,Emily Stanton,Nicole Miller,Maria Muzik

Monitoring and evaluation of the activities of trainees in the training of trainers workshop at Ibadan, south-west Nigeria

Author(s): Victor Makanjuola,Victor Doku,Rachel Jenkins,Oye Gureje

Postpartum depressive symptoms: the B-vitamin link

Author(s): Christelle H Blunden,Hazel M Inskip,Sian M Robinson,Cyrus Cooper,Keith M Godfrey,Tony R Kendrick

Refugees? perspectives on barriers to communication about trauma histories in primary care

Author(s): Patricia Shannon,Maureen O?Dougherty,Erin Mehta

Clinical presentation of depression among Malaysian women in Penang Island

Author(s): Tahir M Khan,Syed A Sulaiman,Mohamed A Hassali,Humera Tahir

Depression and type 2 diabetes mellitus: what we can learn from the Trinidad and Tobago experience

Author(s): Rohan G Maharaj

Game-based biofeedback for paediatric anxiety and depression

Author(s): M Knox,J Lentini,TS Cummings,A McGrady, K Whearty,L Sancrant

Men?s experience of their partners? postpartum psychiatric disorders: narratives from the internet

Author(s): Inger Engqvist,K Nilsson

Mental health as an NCD (noncommunicable disease): the need to act

Author(s): Gabriel Ivbijaro

Psychiatric discharge summaries: what do general practitioners want?

Author(s): Jaco Serfontein,David Dodwell,Purvy Patel

Psychoeducational groups for youth attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: a family medicine pilot project

Author(s): Scott A Fields,Lisa R Hale

The pattern of physical comorbidity and the psychosocial determinants of depression: a prospective cohort study on a representative sample of family practice attendees in Slovenia

Author(s): Polona Selic,Igor S vab,Janez Rifel,Danica Rotar Pavlic,Anja C erne,Michael King,Irwin Nazareth

The role of stress and level of burnout in job performance among nurses

Author(s): Joshua C Gandi,Paul S Wai,Haruna Karick,Zubairu K Dagona

Understanding the mental health needs of secondary school children in Manchester

Author(s): Latha Hackett,Louise Theodosiou,Claire Robson,Freya Spicer,Rachel Lever

Health system challenges and solutions to improving mental health outcomes

Author(s): Rachel Jenkins,Florence Baingana,Raheelah Ahmad,David McDaid,Rifat Atun

How can mental health be integrated into health system strengthening?

Author(s): Rachel Jenkins,Florence Baingana,Raheelah Ahmad,David McDaid,Rifat Atun

International and national policy challenges in mental health

Author(s): Rachel Jenkins,Florence Baingana,Raheelah Ahmad,David McDaid,Rifat Atun

Mental health and the global agenda: core conceptual issues

Author(s): Rachel Jenkins,Florence Baingana,Raheelah Ahmad,David McDaid,Rifat Atun

Mental health: the aspiration to reality gap

Author(s): Gabriel Ivbijaro

Scaling up mental health services: where would the money come from?

Author(s): Rachel Jenkins,Florence Baingana,Raheelah Ahmad,David McDaid,Rifat Atun

Should development agencies care about mental health?

Author(s): Rachel Jenkins,Florence Baingana,Raheelah Ahmad,David McDaid,Rifat Atun

Social, economic, human rights and political challenges to global mental health

Author(s): Rachel Jenkins,Florence Baingana,Raheelah Ahmad,David McDaid,Rifat Atun

What action can national and international agencies take?

Author(s): Rachel Jenkins,Florence Baingana,Raheelah Ahmad,David McDaid,Rifat Atun

Coping style in primary care adult patients with abridged somatoform disorders

Author(s): Norman H Rasmussen,David C Agerter,Matthew E Bernard,Stephen S Cha

Democratising and vitalising family practice by patient-centred medicine

Author(s): Hakan Yaman,Melahat Akdeniz,Hasan Hu seyin Avci,Jurgen Howe

Explanatory models of medically unexplained symptoms: a qualitative analysis of the literature

Author(s): J van Ravenzwaaij,TC olde Hartman,H van Ravesteijn,R Eveleigh,E van Rijswijk,PLBJ Lucassen

Medically unexplained symptoms in primary care: how can doctors help, not hinder?

Author(s): Christopher Dowrick

Not yet explained symptoms

Author(s): Alan Cohen FRCGP

Perinatal depression: implications for child mental health

Author(s): Maria Muzik,Stefana Borovska

Post-partum depression: a comprehensive approach to evaluation and treatment

Author(s): Kym Spring Thompson,Judith E Fox

The coming of age: Mental Health in Family Medicine

Author(s): Gabriel Ivbijaro

The treatment of patients with medically unexplained symptoms in primary care: a review of the literature

Author(s): Todd M Edwards,Anthony Stern,David D Clarke,Gabriel Ivbijaro,L Michelle Kasney

What lies beyond the pain? A case report

Author(s): Mohd Hashim Syahnaz,Muhammad Noor Azimah,Omar Khairani

Biofeedback in medicine: who, when, why and how?

Author(s): Dana L Frank,Lamees Khorshid,Jerome F Kiffer,Christine S Moravec,Michael G McKee

Depression screening as a quality indicator

Author(s): Daniel J Luchins

Physical healthcare of people with severe mental illness: everybody?s business!

Author(s): Kamini Vasudev,Brian V Martindale

Psychosocial stress and abdominal pain in adolescents

Author(s): Michael A Shapiro,Mathew L Nguyen

Quality of life in mothers of children with oppositional defiant symptoms: a community sample

Author(s): Pei-chin Lee OTR,Tzu-chi Lee,Vincent Chin-hung Chen,Mei-ling Chen,Ding-ho Shih,Wen-chuan Shao,Meng-Chih Lee

Readability of standard appointment letters

Author(s): Daniel M Bennett,Anne Gilchrist

Substance misuse and primary care mental health

Author(s): Gabriel O Ivbijaro

The cost of somatisation among the working-age population in England for the year 2008–2009

Author(s): Sarah L Bermingham, Alan Cohen, John Hague, Michael Parsonage

World Mental Health Day


WPA Thematic Conference: Mental Health and Family Medicine Professionals: Working Together, 9?11 February 2012, Granada

Author(s): F. Torres-Gonzalez,Gabriel Ivbijaro

Attitude toward depression, its complications, prevention and barriers to seeking help among ethnic groups in Penang, Malaysia

Author(s): Tahir M Khan ,Syed A Sulaiman ,Mohamed A Hassali,Humera Tahir

Medication error in mental health: implications for primary care

Author(s): Ian D Maidment,Henk Parmentier

Detection of dementia in primary care: comparison of the original and a modified Mini-Cog Assessment with the Mini- Mental State Examination

Author(s): Gustav Kamenski,Thomas Dorner,Kitty Lawrence,Georg Psota,Anita Rieder,Franz Schwarz,Asita Sepandj,Wolfgang Spiegel,Stefan Strotzka

Overuse of antipsychotic medication in elderly people with dementia? A view from general practice

Author(s): Harm van Marwijk,Wolfgang Spiegel

Portuguese National Mental Health Plan (2007–2016) Executive Summary

Author(s): JM Caldas de Almeida

Primary care mental health: maintaining momentum

Author(s): Gabriel Ivbijaro

Research in primary care mental health in Greece

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Role of the husband?s knowledge and behaviour in postnatal depression: a case study of an immigrant Pakistani woman

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Managing depression in a changing primary mental healthcare system: comparison of two snapshots of Australian GPs? treatment and referral patterns

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Managing schizophrenia in primary care: the utility of remission criteria as outcome indicators

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Mental ability performance among adults with type 2 diabetes in primary care

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Mental Health in Family Medicine comes of age

Author(s): Gabriel Ivbijaro

Recession, debt and mental health: challenges and solutions

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The family physician and the psychologist in the office together: a response to fragmentation

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The gap in treatment of serious mental disorder in the community: a public health problem

Author(s): Francisco Torres-Gonza� lez

Depression recovery from the primary care patient?s perspective: ?hear it in my voice and see it in my eyes?

Author(s): Caroline Johnson,Jane Gunn,Renata Kokanovic

Detecting mental disorders in primary care

Author(s): Vimal Kumar Sharma,John RM Copeland

Integrating mental health into primary care in Sverdlovsk

Author(s): Rachel Jenkins,Zinaida Bobyleva,David Goldberg,Linda Gask,Alla G Zacroeva,Angelina Potasheva,Valery Krasnov,David McDaid

Integration of child mental health services to primary care: challenges and opportunities

Author(s): Valsamma Eapen,Rajeev Jairam

Integration of mental health into primary health care in Uganda: opportunities and challenges

Author(s): Fred N Kigozi,Joshua Ssebunnya

Mental health in primary care gap: now is the time to act

Author(s): Gabriel Ivbijaro,Preston Garrison,Michelle Funk

Mental health specialty care in the medical home

Author(s): Barbara Starfield

Navigating the mental health and addictions maze: a community-based pilot project of a new role in primary mental health care

Author(s): J Ellen Anderson,Susan C Larke

Primary care and mental health: how can the world respond?

Author(s): John Copeland

Report: Wonca Working Party on Mental Health

Author(s): Gabriel Ivbijaro

The Sooke Navigator project: using community resources and research to improve local service for mental health and addictions

Author(s): J Ellen Anderson,Susan C Larke

Wonca Europe: bursaries for Wonca World Conference, Cancun May 2010

Author(s): Gabriel Ivbijaro

?The right to health?: a viewpoint

Author(s): Norman Sartorius



World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) World Congress 2009: ‘Working Together for Mental Health’

Author(s): Hilton Hotel, Athens, Greece

Developments in primary mental health care in New Zealand

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General practitioner attitudes towards referral of eating-disordered patients: a vignette study based on the theory of planned behaviour

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Low-intensity workers: lessons learned from supervising primary care mental health workers and dilemmas associated with such roles

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Primary care and dementia: time to act

Author(s): Gabriel Ivbijaro

Screening for suicidal thoughts in primary care: the views of patients and general practitioners

Author(s): Priya Bajaj,Elena Borreani,Pradip Ghosh,Caroline Methuen,Melissa Patel,Michael Joseph Crawford

The introduction of a healthy reading scheme for people with mental health problems: usage and experiences of health professionals and library staff

Author(s): Roma Robertson,Steven J Wray,Margaret Maxwell,Rebekah J Pratt MSocSci

The needs of primary care mental health service users: a Q-sort study

Author(s): Mark Papworth DClinPsy,Leonie Walker

What should prompt an urgent referral to a community mental health team?

Author(s): Catriona Hilton,Priya Bajaj,Matthew Hagger,Sarah Taha,James Warner

A smoking ban in psychiatric units: threat or opportunity?

Author(s): Lindsay Banham,Simon Gilbody,Helen Lester

'It's really a myriad of different signals, not just the textbook?: the complexities of diagnosing depression in gay men in general practice

Author(s): Henrike Ko rner,Christy Newman,Limin Mao,Susan Kippax,Michael R Kidd,Deborah Saltman

Making fewer depression diagnoses: beneficial for patients?

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No mental health without primary care

Author(s): Gabriel Ivbijaro,Michelle Funk

Somatisation and alexithymia in patients with high use of medical care and medically unexplained symptoms

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Suicide and attempted suicide among South Asians in England: who is at risk?

Author(s): Bernard Ineichen

Suicide prevention in Nepal: a comparison to Australia ? a personal view

Author(s): Jill Benson,Rabi Shakya

Variables associated with general practitioners taking on patients with common mental disorders

Author(s): Marie-Josee Fleury,Jean-Marie Bamvita,Lambert Farand,Jacques Tremblay

?Well doctor, it is all about how life is lived?: cues as a tool in the medical consultation

Author(s): TC olde Hartman,HJ van Ravesteijn

World Federation for Mental Health: 2009 World Mental Health Day campaign highlights need for more attention to mental health services in primary health care

Author(s): Preston J Garrison

Cross-sectional survey of patients in receipt of long-term repeat prescriptions for antidepressant drugs in primary care

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Depression case management by practice nurses in primary care: an audit

Author(s): David Ekers,Rea Wilson

Mental health and primary health care

Author(s): Norman Sartorius

Mental health education and resources for general practitioners in the UK

Author(s): Ian Walton

New standards of care for people with gender dysphoria

Author(s): Kevan Wylie

News from WHO and Wonca: new report calls for mental health to be better integrated into primary care

Author(s): Dr. MichelleFunk

Patients? experiences of receiving collaborative care for the treatment of depression in the UK: a qualitative investigation

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Primary care mental health and Alma-Ata: from evidence to action

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Rates of depression among men attending high-HIV-caseload general practices in Australia

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Reporting distress and quality of life of patients with diabetes mellitus in primary and secondary care in Greece

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A controlled trial of internet-based cognitive-behavioural therapy for panic disorder with face-to-face support from a general practitioner or email support from a psychologist

Author(s): Ciaran Pier,David W Austin,Britt Klein,Joanna Mitchell,Peter Schattner,Lisa Ciechomski,Kathryn J Gilson,David Pierce,Kerrie Shandley,Victoria Wade

Addressing long-term physical healthcare needs in a forensic mental health inpatient population using the UK primary care Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF): an audit

Author(s): GO Ivbijaro,LA Kolkiewicz,LSF McGee,M Gikunoo

All in for mental health: a pilot study of group therapy for people experiencing anxiety and/or depression and a significant other of their choice

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Does perceived financial strain predict depression among young women? Longitudinal findings from the Southampton Women?s Survey

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Integrating mental health into primary healthcare

Author(s): Michelle Funk,Benedetto Saraceno,Natalie Drew,Edwige Faydi

Major depression and recent physical or sexual abuse increase readmissions among high-utilising primary care patients

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Mental health education resources for Australia?s general practitioners

Author(s): Michael Kidd,Morton Rawlin

Mental health in family medicine: a new opportunity

Author(s): Gabriel O Ivbijaro

Mental health and primary care: family medicine has a role

Author(s): Chris van Weel, Richard Roberts, Michael Kidd, Alfred Loh

What is primary care mental health?


Wonca conferences and other meetings of interest at a glance


Commissioning and opportunities for re-engineering

Author(s): David Seward,Heather Hurford

Commissioning and system reform: the bigger picture

Author(s): Richard Humphries

Commissioning mental health services

Author(s): Alan Cohen FRCGP

Commissioning psychological therapies: a new world?

Author(s): Joan Foster

Development and policy

Author(s): Nigel Edwards

Improving primary care mental health: survey evaluation of an innovative workforce development in England

Author(s): Elaine Harkness,Peter Bower ,Linda Gask, Bonnie Sibbald

Measuring mental health outcomes in primary care: the psychometric properties of a new patient-generated outcome measure, ?PSYCHLOPS? (?psychological outcome profiles?)

Author(s): Mark Ashworth,Susan I Robinson,Emma Godfrey,Melanie Shepherd,Chris Evans,Paul Seed,Henk Parmentier,Andre Tylee

Practice-based commissioning and future mental health services

Author(s): Michael Dixon

Vocational training scheme organiser


A graduate primary care mental health worker pilot study: facilitating access to voluntary and community sector services. A description of the ?Community Link Service?

Author(s): J Grayer BSc,M Buszewicz,Lisa Orpwood,J Cape BA,J Leibowitz

A new therapeutic intervention

Author(s): Alan Cohen FRCGP

Commissioning conference

Author(s): John Hague

Fitness for work certification: the clinician?s role

Author(s): Nick Niven-Jenkins

Health education and prevention for people with severe mental illness: a cross-sectional study of general practice computer records

Author(s): Simon de Lusignan,Tom Chan,Alan Cohen,Lavanya Thana,Neil Dhoul,Nigel Hague,Jeremy van Vlymen

Multidisciplinary primary care mental health teams: a challenge to communication

Author(s): Julia S Miller,HD Charles-Jones,Angela Barry,T Saunders

Sickness certification and stress: reviewing the challenges

Author(s): Debbie Cohen,Paul Kinnersley

The cost of somatisation among the working-age population in England for the year 2008?2009

Author(s): Sarah L Bermingham,Alan Cohen,John Hague,Michael Parsonage

Understanding unexplained physical symptoms in primary care

Author(s): Christopher Dowrick

Isolation And Identification Of Coliform Bacteria Escherichia Coli And Staphylococcus Aureus In Some Commercially Sold Yoghurts Within Kano Metropolis

Author(s): Darma A.I, Sani I, Anisa I.A.

Expanding the primary mental health team for refugees and asylum seekers

Author(s): Angela Burnett,Liben Gebremikael

Impact of Australia's `Better Outcomes in Mental Health Care' initiative in Melbourne

Author(s): IH Minas,S Klimidis,R Kokanovic

Layered care: a proposal to develop better primary care mental health services

Author(s): Andrew R Arthur

Look, listen and test: mental health assessment: the WONCA Culturally Sensitive Depression Guideline

Author(s): Gabriel O Ivbijaro,Lucja A Kolkiewicz,Eleni Palazidou,H Parmentier

Mental health service user involvement: teaching doctors successfully

Author(s): George Ikkos

Rediscovering primary care mental health: experience from Waltham Forest in East London

Author(s): Shahid Dadabhoy,Christa Drennan,Nick McNulty

The General-practice Users? Perceivedneed Inventory (?GUPI?): a brief general practice tool to assist in bringing mental healthcare needs to professional attention

Author(s): Catharine McNab,Graham Meadows

The process of setting up a self-help clinic in primary care: one graduate primary care mental health worker's experience

Author(s): Susan Cassidy

Uncertainty and not knowing: making space for multiple stories

Author(s): John Launer

Which screening test for alcohol consumption is best associated with `at risk' drinking in older primary care attenders?

Author(s): AM Roberts,EJ Marshall,AJD Macdonald

Acupuncture as treatment for depression in primary care: current position and future hopes

Author(s):  Carolin Hagelskamp,Amy Scammell,Shun Au,Gerard Leavey

Managing mental health in primary care: a partnership approach

Author(s):  Huw Charles-Jones,Brian Jackson,Debbie Nixon,TP Saunders,David M Tanner

Prinary care mental health research and development

Author(s):  Andre Tylee,Linda Gask

Taking a narrative stance in the consultation

Author(s):  John Launer

Why do people with schizophrenia consult their GPs? A preliminary case-control study in Aberdeen

Author(s):  Simon Naji,Jennifer Gibb,Jane Andrew,Ross Hamilton,Paul Sclare,John Eagles

Barriers and organisational development needs for effective primary care trust commissioning of mental health services

Author(s):  Helen Lester,Helen Sorohan

Costs and benefits of a pilot shared care register between primary and secondary healthcare for patients with psychotic disorders

Author(s):  Michael McDonough,Graham Thornicroft,William Barclay,Cornelius De Wet , Sridevi Kalidindi ,Terry O?Brien

Depression: the nutrition connection

Author(s):  Patrick Holford

Introducing narrative thinking

Author(s):  John Launer

Postal survey of services for child and adolescent mental health problems in general practice in England

Author(s):  Peter Bower,Wendy Macdonald,Bonnie Sibbald,Elena Garralda,Tami Kramer,Sally Bradley,Richard Harrington

Primary care mental health: a new dawn

Author(s):  Dave Tomson,David Shiers

Professional views on managing common mental health problems in primary care

Author(s):  Peter Nolan,Jim Orford,Alfred White,Jennifer Smith

The Primary Care Programme of the National Institute for Mental Health in England (NIMHE)

Author(s):  Andre Tylee

Threshold 4: an evaluation of the Threshold Assessment Grid as an aid to mental health referrals

Author(s):  Mike Slade,Sharon Cahill,Wendy Kelsey,Morven Leese,Robin Powell.Geraldine Strathdee

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